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The 20% IRC §41 Research Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit against taxes owed or taxes paid. A taxpayer can take advantage of the Tax Credit for all its open tax years – these are the three past tax years plus the current year. A business may go beyond this time period if it has former Net Operating Loss years or tax years open by agreement. State rules vary. Unused, tax credits may be carried forward 20 years.

Improving your business operations is always expensive. Tax incentives are available to reduce the cost of innovation. RIX® Technology can help you return dollars already budgeted or spent to your bottom line with Federal and State Research Tax Credits. RIX® Technology has the extensive experience with tax regulations and the technical understanding of requirements for product development and manufacturing technology essential for achieving durable Research Tax Credit benefits. Full comprehension of the regulations, extensive project experience and conservative methodology produce the fail-safe, self-substantiating tax credit documentation of qualifying activities and expenses to produce durable tax credits for our clients. The combination of technical expertise, knowledge of the IRC regulations and extensive experience completing Research Tax Credit projects ensures that RIX Technology fulfills client needs by obtaining their maximum allowable Research Tax Credit. When appropriate, RIX Technology completes Research Tax Credit projects for low cost, highly competitive fees.

An R&D tax credit is potentially available if your business. To find your potential credit benefit, go to “Do You Qualify

Remember many common business innovations meet the qualification standards and are eligible for the Research Tax Credit.

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