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TMGRIX, LLC is the leading consulting firm assisting U.S. and multinational companies to obtain Federal IRC §41 and State Research Tax Credits. Their clients have annual revenues from $8 million to $12 billion. They have successfully obtaining tens of millions of dollars in R&D tax credits for clients since 1992.

Most successful companies are qualified for Research Tax Credits! $16 billion+ in tax incentives are available to reduce the cost of innovation in the U.S. It is a surprise for people in many industries that much of what they do to keep their businesses profitable and growing can also qualify them for significant tax credit benefits. Creating new or improved products, developing new processes or improving existing processes, writing software for internal use are just some of the expenses that qualify for Research Tax Credits.

TMGRIX’s objective is to achieve “the maximum allowable tax credit dollars, in all available tax years, with minimum impact on critical day-to-day operations” for all companies that qualify. TMGRIX, LLC can help you return dollars already budgeted or spent to your bottom line with Federal and State Research Tax Credits.

Be sure that you are not missing a benefit that can keep you ahead of your competition.

Visit TMGRIX.com for more information.

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