RIX® Technology Benefits

RIX® Technology provides benefits to all those involved in the R&D tax credit process.

How Does IRS Benefit from RIX® Technology?

For the IRS the traditional review process for Research Credits is inefficient and expensive in IRS personnel time and travel expense. The inefficiency of the review process limits the total number of reviews that occur, restricts the availability of IRS specialists for support or advisory functions and is disruptive to the larger audit process. RIX® Technology allows new levels of efficiency as remote review of Research Credit data during audits reduces travel expense, decreases audit schedules, expands availability of Research Credit specialist personnel and minimizes impact of audits on taxpayers for improved taxpayer relationships.

  • Contemporaneous recordkeeping for Research Credit qualification.
  • Greater continuity of Research Credit activity and expenditure data.
  • Improved quality of Research Credit records.
  • Improved compliance.
  • New levels of efficiency decrease audit schedules and expand availability of Research Credit specialist personnel.


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