RIX® Technology Benefits

RIX® Technology provides benefits to all those involved in the R&D tax credit process.

RIX® Technology Benefits for the Accounting Firm

RIX® Technology provides an exciting opportunity for public accounting firms that want to expand their services to taxpayers seeking R&D tax credits under Federal IRC §41 and State Research Tax Credit programs (which are widely available).

Utilizing RIX® Technology you can provide clients with a exceptional quality of service and a great value for services provided in this specialty area, while retaining a high level of participation to optimize their client’s tax planning.

  • More competitive fee structure with increased value.
  • Long term contracts.
  • Increased client participation.
  • Improved continuity documentation.
  • Greater durability of credits under review (leading to improved client relations).
  • Improved utilization of Research Credit resources (personnel).
  • Opportunity for expanded services (i.e. Management Metrics, IP control) with RIX® technology.
  • Competitive Advantage.
  • Greater credibility with IRS.


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