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RIX® Technology, LLC

Every successful company is potentially eligible for a Research Tax Credit of some amount. This is especially true for companies with increasing revenues and expanding markets. However, many companies lack the legal and accounting resources critical to first obtaining R&D tax credits and then retaining them under review by tax authorities.

RIX® Technology is an exciting new product for our clients. RIX® (for Resource Information Xchange) is a web-based information management system that combines smart software and experienced, expert analysis by Research Tax Credit specialists to complete R&D tax credit projects with a new level of efficiency. This allows us to provide a high quality of service to clients with a value conscious fee structure.

Certainty and value are great combinations that make the §41 and State Research Tax Credit accessible to many more of the businesses who qualify for R&D tax credits but cannot or do not currently receive them.

If you already document R&D tax credits using the “old fashioned” method examine RIX® Technology as a way to increase your Research Tax Credit benefit. See rixtechnology.com

Rick Humphrey, Founder, RIX® Technology, LLC

Rick HumphreyRick Humphrey created the concept for RIX® Technology. He has an extensive background developing new technologies and managing businesses in many industries. His experience includes designing, developing and manufacturing automated assembly systems for the high tech industry, developing robotic concepts, developing computer software and systems control hardware and automating manufacturing operations for basic industry. For the past 15 years, he has provided Research Tax Credit consulting services to businesses in a wide variety of industries working with a nationwide tax consulting practice.

Nick Vasilieff, Executive VP, RIX® Technology, LLC

Nick VasilieffNick Vasilieff has over thirty years executive management experience in engineering, manufacturing, technical software, and online technology industries. Educated in electronics engineering, business administration, and psychology, he has been founder and managing partner of five technical start-up companies, and served as VP, President, or CEO in five other corporations. In the past fifteen years he has served as Managing Partner and CEO of a business development consultancy working with over one hundred fifty high-technology companies in thirty-six countries on product and market development. Retired in 2005, he joined RIX Technology in 2009 specifically to bring this new technology to American industry.

David Baker, Director of Technology for RIX® Technology, LLC

Dave BakerDave Baker has over 10 years of IT management experience in application and infrastructure development. He has developed IT applications for manufacturing, online data management, real estate and the health care industry. He has won numerous industry awards, including the Titan award from Oracle Corporation.

Dave is responsible for managing the continuing development of RIX® Technology software and supervises expansion, operation and maintenance of hardware infrastructure.
Originally from Texas, Dave graduated from Texas Tech University. He relocated to the Northwest from Dallas. Dave has been associated with RIX® Technology since 2005. He currently lives in Bend, Oregon and his primary office is at the RIX® Technology Development and Training Center.

Janet Mai Vasilieff, Director of Business Development, RIX® Technology, LLC

Educated in business management and marketing, Janet Vasilieff has over twenty years experience in diverse industries including construction, food products, technical training, and high-tech hardware and software. Before joining RIX Technology, she served as Director of Marketing for a regional high-tech firm, and prior to that served as Marketing and Operations Manager for an international consulting firm serving a wide range of industries.
Janet is responsible for implementing and managing the national marketing and sales of RIX Technology.

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