For the Accountant

Why does the taxpayer need RIX® Technology?

Continuous, regular, contemporaneous reports with RIX® Technology result in more inclusive identification of activities, greater accuracy in related expenditures and clarity of information. For the taxpayer this increases credit amounts, simplifies documentation and review, limits reduction of credits under IRS review.

  • Efficient Research Credit data collection.
  • Reduction of personnel time for data collection.
  • Minimal training requirements.
  • Reduced impact of personnel turnover on Research Credit data collection.
  • Improved continuity of records.
  • Minimal personnel participation in audits.
  • Increased Research Tax Credits from increased availability of Research Credit information (interactive Q&A and FAQ data).
  • Increased Research Tax Credits from improved recordkeeping.
  • Expansion of Research Credit opportunity.
  • Simplified IRS audit process.
  • Durable Research Credits.
  • Reduced total cost for Research Credit benefits.
  • SOX benefits
  • Systematic process.
  • Improved recordkeeping.
  • Greater certainty of Research Credit retention under IRS review.
  • Availability of accurate Management Metrics for R&D efforts.
  • Greater internal visibility of Intellectual Property information.
  • Forum for periodic posting of critical information to development personnel.

RIX® Technology is an exciting new product for our clients. It allows us to provide a high quality of service to clients with a value conscious fee structure. Certainty and value are great combinations that make the §41 and State Research Tax Credit accessible to many more business qualified for the credit that cannot or do not currently utilize it.

The Research Tax Credit has been available since 1981. Over $9,000,000,000 of §41 Research Tax Credits benefits are given out annually. Historically a high percentage of this benefit goes to a few of the nation’s biggest companies with huge legal and accounting resources. This is not what Congress intended.

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